Your Squarespace Specialist

William and Bree Heimbach have been operating a Mom and Pop Squarespace Website Design Team since 2013.  

We have added another family to our team, expanding our services from Squarespace Design and Squarespace SEO to include Squarespace Development and Product Branding Services.

Besides Squarespace Design; SEO, Development, and Branding; our pride lies with our customer service. William, Bree, Ben, and Ingrid have all experienced what it is like to have a boss who doesn't agree with the amount of time a client may need, which we believe to be a natural dynamic of many businesses.  We did not agree. The most vital experience someone can have is feeling truly heard. Our business model is built on relationships. We love meeting all kinds of new and exciting people. 



Squarespace Design

My Digital Landscape™ has been a certified Squarespace Specialist and Squarespace Circle member since 2013. We will help you get your Squarespace site set up, no matter the state it is in.

Our mission is to help you bring your vision to life. Maybe you just need a few hours of edits to spruce up what you have started, maybe you need assistance exacting a design you have specifically mocked up, maybe you have minimal design input but you have the content you need on each page → no matter what service you Squarespace assistance you may require, we are here for you


Squarespace SEO

Google Search Engine Optimization can be a daunting task to undertake for a beginner. Squarespace is built with great SEO opportunity and we are here to help you take advantage of that. 

Within Squarespace, there are a variety of opportunities for organic and implemented (white hat) search engine optimization techniques. We offer packages