Questions You Should Ask Your Squarespace Developer


Deciding on Squarespace website development means choosing quality design, usability, and excellent customer service. And this is especially true when you hire a Squarespace website designer. To get the most out of this partnership, it's important to ask your developer the right questions. By asking these questions, you can ensure that you are satisfied with your final design and your choice of a developer. 

What specific Squarespace features are appropriate for my industry?
Just because you can use a wide selection of Squarespace features doesn't mean that you should. Your developer will be able to advise which tools are best for you and your target customers. This way, you can keep your site loading efficiently and keep it relevant among the competition in your industry.

How can you help optimize my website for more organic search leads?
Website development doesn't stop once you achieve a stellar website design. Your developer should be able to give you tools for Squarespace SEO. Google receives 100 billion searches every month, and search engine optimization will help your site stand out. Once you optimize for organic leads, you can then supplement with leads from social media and other sources. 

What level of customization are you able to provide?
For more simple website designs, you may be more interested in using a Squarespace template. But to take this to the next level, talk to your designer about coding additional features. This will set your site apart from other drag-and-drop sites. 

How will you prepare me to perform website duties on my own?
You don't want a developer who will leave you with website responsibilities that you don't know how to handle. Ask them how much training you can expect once the design is complete. Your needs should be met when it comes to managing your own Squarespace website. 

How will we know when the site is ready to launch?
Be sure that you have the final say in your Squarespace website development. You want the final product to look exactly like you want it to. Ask your developer what their approval process is for actually launching the site.

By hiring a Squarespace website designer, you are getting an exemplary level of design expertise. And by working with them closely, you can absorb some of this knowledge as well. This attention to detail and level of attention will help you understand your Squarespace website and stay involved in the entire development process.

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