How To Improve Search Rankings On Squarespace Websites In 4 Easy Steps


As a website building platform, Squarespace is a highly effective, simple tool for small businesses. If you chose to use Squarespace to create your website, your work does not stop after the initial design. You now need to optimize the site to attract online users and turn them into customers. Fortunately, search engine optimization can be simple with this platform. Take the following steps to optimize every page of your site and appear as high as possible in the search rankings. 

Step 1: Write quality content.
By filling your website with just the right amount of content, you can jump start your SEO. In addition to quality web copy, most competitive websites have a blog. By writing and keeping up with your blog, you can draw in web users from multiple platforms. In fact, businesses that publish 16 or more blog posts per month draw in almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that publish between zero and four posts per month. The key is to keep your posts relevant and useful.

Step 2: Write title tags and meta descriptions.
While blogging may be a larger SEO project, there are smaller ways to optimize your site. To start, be sure to label each page with an appropriate title tag. This is the title that appears on your web browser tabs. Be sure that it is clearly related to your business and contains a search keyword. Similarly, it's important to optimize your meta descriptions. These are the small sections of text that appear under search results.

Step 3: Include plenty of keywords (but not too many).
From your blogs to your URLs, it's important to include plenty of keywords without being counterproductive. If you oversaturate your pages with keywords, Google may flag your pages as spam content. When it comes to your Squarespace SEO, between two and four keywords per page is generally appropriate.

Step 4: Hire a Squarespace SEO expert to optimize your site even more.
While there are steps you can take on your own to optimize your pages, a Squarespace SEO expert will be able to fill in the cracks and keep your site optimized according to the latest best practices. They can also give you advice on Squarespace website development to improve your website's coding and optimize the site map. This will make SEO with Squarespace up to industry standards.

From a simple website design to effective SEO strategies, growing your website takes time and effort. But when done well, you will boost your search traffic significantly. Just remember to ask your Squarespace expert any questions you may have along the way.

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