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The sky's the limit... Or is it?


Squarespace is a groundbreaking platform that has many useful features. The templates are world class and for many, the design of the existing templates work for their needs. Much of the work we do includes additional customization including: animations, custom backend, modified templates, 3rd party integrations, and custom widgets.



Animations help create a better user experience. These can be subtle page transitions, user interactions or even fancy logo SVG drawings. They can help the user pay attention to the elements on the page that are important, as well as creating an experience that is different from the stock Squarespace templates.


For many of our projects, we use an existing template and change key elements that may be requested. This is great because we don't have to start completely from scratch and develop the entire structure of the site. Squarespace Developer Mode allows us to download the source files and change how everything is rendered. Sometimes a custom navigation is requested. Sometimes it's a just adding a custom editing block in a place where one doesn't exist. 


Squarespace does many things well, but when it can't do a particular thing there are many 3rd party platforms to fill in the gaps. These companies that may specialize in form making, e-commerce, scheduling etc., have created their own implementation methods. We can quickly decipher what companies will work, and guide you through the process of what it takes to get 3rd party apps working on your site.


Squarespace widgets handle most of the heavy lifting. Adding an image, text, gallery, etc. is simple and straightforward. Again, Squarespace can't think of everything, which is where we come in. We've made custom filtering for content, custom carousels, etc. which pull from your content, and give it just the extra layer of functionality that you were dreaming about.


Not all content is created equally. For some projects custom collections need to be created for ease of use in managing the site. There are many ways to organize the content (and we've found them all), which is why sometimes the simplest / best solution is to create something from scratch. This gives us ultimate control over how the content is being rendered, and how it is edited on the back end.

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